Comfort Meets Protection — Designed by Combat Veterans

Our Story

Blue Collar Ops is a veteran owned workwear apparel company. The inspiration to bring high-quality, military grade protection and movement capabilities to the US laborer came from Ken’s experiences while serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment. After a couple of months and a couple of beers, Ken enlisted Jim and Casey in his vision to make apparel developed for those who defend our country available to those who build our country. Blue Collar Ops has partnered with the premier special operations forces military uniform manufacturer to leverage their combat proven knee insert design into our work pants.

Ken Rowe

Ken served six years as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army with two deployments to Afghanistan as a Ranger, Rifle and Scout/Sniper Platoon Leader.

Casey Bickley

Casey served five years as an Army Air Defense Artillery Officer and as a Company Commander for Headquarters and Headquarters Battery.

Jim Henshaw

Jim served seven years as a Field Artillery Officer in the U.S. Army. Jim deployed to Iraq as Platoon Leader/Company Fire Support Officer and to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as an Advisor to the Royal Saudi Land Forces.